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Safety or Behavior?

Every day, workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities cause immeasurable pain and suffering to

employees and their families as well as to the company itself.  Some estimates indicate that

workplace injuries and illnesses cost American companies approximately $200 billion per year in

wasteful and preventable costs.  Effective management, leading to effective employee safety and health programs,

is a decisive factor in reducing the severity and costs related to work-related injuries and

illnesses.  Effective management also addresses work-related hazards and potential hazards that

could result from a change in worksite conditions or practices.

The sum of these efforts, or lack of them, defines the CULTURE of the company.


  1. Leadership (Commitment/Support/Involvement)
  2. Organizational Structure (Roles and Responsibilities)
  3. Education (Leadership/Coaching/Teams)
  4. Metrics of KPI’s (The Cost-Benefit Balance of Safety)
  5. Communication (Both Up and Down the Structure)
  6. Hazards & Risks (Recognition and Control)
  7. Audit/Diagnosis Systems (Compare Results to Expectations)